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The Scarr's Pizza Cookbook : New York-Style Pizza for Everybody - Scarr Pimentel - À PARAITRE AOÛT 2024

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Brand: Ten Speed Press

This is New York-style pizza for everybody.

After working at some of New York’s most iconic pizzerias and restaurants, Scarr Pimentel opened Scarr’s Pizza to put his own healthy spin on the classic New York-style pizza slice. Now, in a debut cookbook using all-natural and organic ingredients with 30 recipes and step-by-step photos, he shares his ethos alongside the techniques and recipes you need to make great pizza at home.

Starting with round and square variations of his dough that includes the famous freshly milled grains—recommended, but not required—Scarr breaks down the anatomy of his famous pies. Learn the tips and tricks to mill your own flour, source the freshest ingredients, and make the best tasting sauce and toppings, all while being guided by Scarr’s unfussy, encouraging voice.

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