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Everyday Slow Cooker - Taste of Home - Collectif

The slow cooker is the busy cook’s best friend, and for good reason—it delivers the perfect combination of comfort food and convenience.
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Brand: Taste of Home Books

When managing hectic schedules, there’s something magical about a device that lets you do your prep work in the morning and discover a ready-to-serve meal just a few hours later.

Take a look inside this all-new cookbook, and you’ll find the hot breakfasts, savory main courses, satisfying sides, hearty soups and stews, and tempting desserts today’s families crave most! These amazing recipes can all be made in the slow cooker so you can plan cooking around your schedule, instead of planning your schedule around cooking.

Shared by home cooks and approved in the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, these slow-cooked specialties are sure to turn out perfect every time. Between family dinners, weekend snacks, charity potlucks and game-day spreads, there’s no reason to ever put your slow cooker in the cupboard…every day is a day for slow cooking!

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