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The Depanneur Cookbook - Len Senater

The Depanneur Cookbook celebrates Toronto’s cultural diversity, telling the modern immigrant story of the city through 100 recipes and exploring the Dep’s transformation from old corner store to a buzzy place of tremendous culinary creativity.
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Brand: Simon & Schuster Canada

Over a decade ago, Len Senater set out on an adventure to create meaningful experiences using food as the medium. Since then, Len’s idiosyncratic pop-up space, The Depanneur—a tiny, old corner store transformed into “A Place Where Interesting Food Things Happen”—has featured hundreds of talented cooks and served thousands of eclectic meals. Through culinary events such as casual Drop-In Dinners to family-style Supper Clubs, hands-on Cooking Classes to insightful Table Talks, The Depanneur has discovered unique ways to foster community through food, all while avoiding the pitfalls of more traditional restaurant experiences. 

This is evident in The Dep’s continued success and its large and enthusiastic audience—the aggregation of the innumerable family and friends of all people that have cooked here. From a decade of unbridled culinary creativity emerged the idea of celebrating the remarkable accomplishments of this experiment as a book.

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The Depanneur Cookbook - Len Senater