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The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook - Morgan McGlynn Carr - À PARAITRE JUIN 2024

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Brand: White Lion Publishing

The ultimate guide to creating cheese pairings for entertaining guests, impressing friends and family, and more.

In this sumptuous collection of cheese pairing charts and recipes, Morgan McGlynn Carr demonstrates that, by matching mouthwatering cheese with the perfect cracker, a stunning chutney, and an exceptional wine, the results can be both delicious and rewarding.

The main concept behind cheese pairings is that certain elements in both the cheese and the pairing react differently to each other, and this can elevate the entire dining experience. You’ll gain fascinating insights into what cheese pairing actually is, what makes cheese cheesy, and how to pair like a professional.

With carefully curated pairing boards containing both classic and unique combinations, cheeses from around the world, and a seasonal pairing guide, the book also contains a range of cheese-focused recipes suitable for all occasions. The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook is a must-have for any cheese loverlooking to explore a new culinary world, and the only cheese guide you’ll ever need.

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