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Mussels: An Homage in 50 Recipes Sergio Herman

A personal, inspiring, and modern cookbook from internationally prized chef Sergio Herman to honor the mussel.
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For twenty-five years, Dutch chef Sergio Herman cooked in his family’s mussel restaurant, Oud Sluis, for twenty-five years. By 2005, the restaurant had been awarded three Michelin stars. Sergio still holds on to those smells and flavors and honors them in this unique cookbook that celebrates the undersung “black gold.”

He still carries those smells and flavors to this day, and now returns to pay homage to the ingredient most deeply anchored in his memory. Each preparation - whether marinated,pickled, cooked, steamed, or fried - offers its own surprising sensation, making this undersung ingredient deserving of a place in homes everywhere.  

From mussel and ricotta stuffed Cannelloni to grilled monkfish and mussel béarnaise sauce, find fifty simple mussel recipes from all over the world, both classic and modern, along with recipes for side dishes and sauces, as well as drink suggestions.

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Mussels: An Homage in 50 Recipes Sergio Herman