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Canadian Whisky: The Essential Portable Expert - Davin de Kergommeaux

Dive into Canada’s rich history of whisky making, legacy distilleries, and contemporary artisans with this fully updated and expanded guide—including over 100 new tasting notes for Canada’s top whiskies, from bestsellers to rare microdistillery bottlings.
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Brand: Appetite By Random House

In this fully updated edition of Canadian Whisky, the nation’s authority himself, Davin de Kergommeaux celebrates the country’s often underplayed—yet integral—role in this storied spirit. A trusted independent whisky expert, de Kergommeaux has travelled the country in search of all things whisky to share the very latest findings, photographs, and tasting notes.

First, de Kergommeaux breaks down the basics of how whisky is made and what sets Canada’s product apart from others. From there, his meticulous research unearths riveting narratives that reach back to the country’s first whisky days and span from east to west.

In this revised third edition of the award-winning original you’ll discover current research and recent interviews covering:

  • Whisky Producers Across the Country, from Legacy Distilleries to New Microdistilleries: Enjoy a deep dive into Canada’s world of whisky, from long-lasting empires to innovative new players.
  • History and Process, as Told by Experts: Chief blenders and distilling family royalty share fascinating anecdotes and insights.
  • New Tasting Notes: Consider over 100 unique tasting notes for whiskies from across the nation before trying them yourself.
  • Full-Colour Photography: From legendary distilleries to historic portraits to rare photographs, these images paint the history of whisky.


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