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Return of the Aubergine : Notes, Observations and Recipes from Italy's In-Step - Sophie Grigson - À PARAITRE AOÛT 2024

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Having moved to a small town in Puglia over two years ago - a place she now calls home - Sophie Grigson felt ready for another adventure... Driving along the coastal 'instep' of southern Italy in her trusty purple car, she travels between little fishing ports and explores Puglia's gay capital, then heads into the wild hills of Basilicata and Calabria's high Sila famed for its chestnuts and mushrooms, and ends her journey in the bergamot orchards clustering around Reggio.

In this book, Sophie charts the local delicacies, ingredients and producers; through recipes and stories, she immerses you in the beauty, culture, food and characters of southern Italy.

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