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Priya's Kitchan Adventures : A Cookbook for Kids - Priya Krishna - À PARAITRE AVRIL 2024

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Brand: Harvest

An illustrated cookbook for kids and their parents that draws on Priya’s childhood experiences traveling the globe with her family. With delicious recipes and laugh-out-loud stories, Priya’s Kitchen Adventures will get kids cooking and expand their curiosity about the world.

Climbing the Great Wall of China, camping in the Amazon jungle, sliding down the dunes of the Sahara Desert—oh, and did she mention slurping ramen in Japan, sipping aguas frescas in Mexico, and enjoying British high tea? Before Priya Krishna was a celebrated food writer, she was a kid traveler. Thanks to her appetite for exploration (and a mom who worked in air travel), by the time she was a teenager she had done all this and more. Traveling unlocked Priya’s sense of discovery and inspired her to get cooking.

In this bright and kid-friendly cookbook, kids can travel the world with Priya—no passport required, just an open mind and a kitchen. Through her eyes, kids and their parents can see—and taste!—China, Greece, Peru, Mexico, Morocco, England, Italy, Japan, France, Egypt, Trinidad and Tobago, and India. The whole family will love making and tasting each kid-tested recipe—brought to life with vivid photos and colorful illustrations plus step-by-step how-to photos—and sharing Priya’s dynamic and often hilarious tales of adventure. They’ll come to discover what Priya was lucky to learn as a kid: that cooking is one of our greatest superpowers, allowing us to travel in our own kitchens and learn about incredible places and cultures—without the jet lag.

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