Dairy-free – 21 days of menus

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Eating dairy products every day can cause digestive and respiratory problems as well as skin allergies in some people. But how does one stop eating dairy products when it is in pratically everything? And how do we replace the calcium it contains? This guide will allow you to:

-Live a healthy, balanced, dairy-free life without suffering from nutritional deficiencies.
-Learn to cook without dairy products, and still enjoy great “creamy” foods.
-Determine whether you are allergic to milk or just intolerant to lactose, and test your degree of intolerance.
-Plan your meals and snacks with daily menus especially designed to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Discover super-tasty, and easy-to-prepare recipes: Banana and Peanuts Smoothie, Eggs-Benedict, Buckwheat Pancakes, Salmon Pie, Lasagna Rolls, Chocolate Eclairs…it will bring the delicious pleasure of eating back into your life!

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