Babies : 21 days of menus

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21 days of menus to feed babies just what they need! Are you wondering whether it is time for your baby to switch from bottle to spoon? What food should you start with? What food should you avoid, why and until what age? How much do babies need to eat to be healthy? What if your baby refuses to eat? Knowledge and recommendations about food for babies has evolved a lot in recent years. Between advice from the Internet and from well-meaning friends and family, it can be hard to figure out what’s right. This guide will help you: – Understand your baby’s dietary needs and know how to meet them; – Diversify your baby’s diet safely; – Satisfy your baby’s hunger and develop their tastes; – Prepare baby food in no time; – Plan meals and snacks as baby grows, with menus for each age.Discover recipes for little ones of all ages that are quick and easy to prepare: pineapple purée, red pepper purée, chicken purée, oatmeal cookies, blueberry scones, meat and chickpea balls, mini lentil loaves, crispy fish filets with almonds, Nordic shrimp risotto, cheese sandwiches on French toast, maple cinnamon tofu, banana pudding… and introduce your baby to the pleasure of eating well.Make your baby’s diet a health ally!

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