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F**k me, he’s a good chef! (Fergus Henderson)

[Redzepi’s] given us a book – or really, three books – that take us not only into the field?but also into the wildest place of all: his mind. A striking, thought-provoking, and imminently pleasurable read. (Daniel Barber)

This is a brilliant, honest, and ultimately exhilarating insight into one of the most important culinary minds in the world. (Daniel Patterson)

These three books perfectly capture René Redzepi’s gastronomic vision: playful and fiercely imaginative, deeply rooted in season and place, and committed to pure, real ingredients. (Alice Waters)

René Redzepi is, without a doubt, the most influential, provocative, and important chef in the world?This book chronicles a year in the life of a chef, a creative process – and a restaurant considered by many to be the best. (Anthony Bourdain)

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